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Secure Data Destruction

Regardless of your industry, data security is a concern to all. Secure E-Waste Destruction offers a wide-range of data security options, and we can provide every client with a data destruction guarantee and certification.

Secure E-Waste Destruction will clean your confidential data preventing jeopardization of any sensitive information.

When data housing units are not wiped/destructed properly, it puts your business at a high risk. Nowadays, anyone can recover data from old computers, servers, mainframes, portable hard drives and other devices. You can’t risk sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

We offer secure data destruction and provide you with a Recycling Certificate. All data is handled with strict standards, meeting the Department of Defense regulatory requirements (DoD 5220.22M). Secure Product Destruction Secure E-Waste Destruction provides safe and secure product destruction which meets the DoD (Department of Defense) regulatory requirements.

Our barcode tracking system allows our customers to track the status of their products, providing confidence in the proper processing of their goods. We are equipped to handle the destruction of any products, including but not limited to:

- Customer Returns;
- Damaged Goods;
- Electronic Devices Containing Sensitive Information;
- Labeled Quarantine Waste;
- Materials That May Have Been Recalled;
- Prototypes
- Promotional Merchandise